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Professional Mediation and Arbitration Services in Vancouver, B.C.

Richard NielsenRichard Craig Nielsen, lawyer,  was called to the Bar of the Province of British Columbia on September 5, 2001. He has practised in the areas of immigration, criminal, child protection and family law. His practice has been predominantly focussed on representing Legal Aid clients and offering his services as duty counsel in both family and criminal matters.

Richard has continued to work hard in developing a collaborative practice whereby the parties have the opportunity to work with each other rather than against each other. This philosophy has worked extremely well in producing fair and equitable results for his clients whether in criminal law or family law.

Richard has approached all his cases with an expectation that many of the issues can be resolved outside of a courtroom so long as the parties share the common belief that the parties can all benefit if negotiations and discussions are characterized by respectful communications in the goal of reducing conflict.

In his role as a mediator, Richard will act as a neutral party but will work closely with the parties to try and reach an agreement between the parties that is fair and equitable to both parties - and the children, if applicable. It cannot be emphasized enough that the Family Law Act and the Supreme Court of Canada each have made "the best interest of the child" the only test which a court (and parents) should be considering when reaching an agreement on issues involving or affecting children.

*Richard Craig Nielsen has been a practising lawyer in British Columbia since 2001.  He has appeared before the Provincial Court of British Columbia, the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the Court of Appeal in British Columbia and the Federal Court of Canada in representing his clients in family law, child apprehension cases, small claims litigation, criminal law and immigration law. He offers his mediation practice to clients in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and all other areas of British Columbia, specifically in Dawson Creek and Fort St. John.*