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Mediation Fees

Initial consultation is at no charge.  Mediation will be charged at $180 per hour, with a four hour minimum. The hourly rate is divided between you and the other party, subject to the terms of the mediation agreement. 

This hourly rate applies to time involved in preparing for a mediation, time during the mediation session(s) and time spent following mediation.  This may include the creation of a written mediation agreement for the you to sign, as well as communications via telephone, email or other written correspondence, or face-to-face meetings with you or your counsel, if applicable.

Travel Time

We do not charge for our travel time for any mediation in British Columbia.


If you need to cancel a mediation session then you must notify our office 10 business days in advance of the date of the mediation to avoid any charge for that mediation session.  If you give our office less than 10 business days notice of any cancellation then there will be a 1 hour charge towards the scheduled mediation session in addition to any charges towards the actual preparation time for the mediation.



*Richard Craig Nielsen has been a practising lawyer in British Columbia since 2001.  He has appeared before the Provincial Court of British Columbia, the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the Court of Appeal in British Columbia and the Federal Court of Canada in representing his clients in family law, child apprehension cases, small claims litigation, criminal law and immigration law. He offers his mediation practice to clients in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and all other areas of British Columbia, specifically in Dawson Creek and Fort St. John.*